Best Tennis Rackets Under $100

Budget is still the key factor for many beginners or intermediate players in buying a reliable racket for playing tennis. There are many sportspeople who always aim to spend the least amount of money while buying quality rackets. If you are one of them, here you will find the best tennis rackets under $100, which will provide quality with minimum payout.

Best Tennis Rackets Under 100

The player will be able to see the different price ranges of tennis rackets in the market as every racket is made from a different kind of material. Therefore, he will always prefer the cheapest racket.

In this article, we’ll be discovering the top 10 best budget tennis rackets for both beginners and intermediate tennis athletes. We will consider the one with the lowest price, but we have also compiled the cheapest one. So keep an eye out for your desired racket.

Top 10 Best Tennis Rackets Under 100 list

Best Pick
MicroGEL Radical plus

  • Fast and long swing speed
  • Microgel for better durability
  • Graphite
Best Pick
Wilson Tour Slam

  • Generates much more power
  • Shock pads reduce vibration
  • Pre-strung which will always be ready to be used
Best Pick
Babolate Drive Max

  • Easily swing due to lightweight
  • Easy handling makes fast shots possible
  • Great control with comfy grip size

Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Stretch OS



  • Grip Size 1 – 4 1/8″
  • Power frame for players
  • Material Composite

A Wilson Hyper Hammer, the best affordable tennis racket for beginners, is one of the most outstanding oversize tennis rackets available. It provides much more leverage on different balls than the other rackets. Its frame size is 27.5 inches providing a large spot area for hitting the ball with accuracy and controlling all types of shots.

Wilson’s this racket model contains 85% of graphite and 15% of hyper carbon, providing a strong composition of about 4X. Wilson’s ultra-synthetic gut provides stiffness, along with being almost 65% more lightweight than titanium.

Hyper hammer 5.3 stretch OS provides the feeling of playing with an olden racket. In doubles, it provides better results than in singles, while it looks like it’s designed as a beginner’s racket. Whether the player wants a medium swing or a full swing, both rackets provide an ability to control the aggregate power of an athlete.


  • Most affordable option
  • Wide area to hit the ball
  • Oversized tennis rackets for beginners
  • High levels of accuracy with control
  • Improved lightweight performance


  • Provides low swing may be due to its large size



  • Grip Size – 4 1/8
  • Skill Level – Beginner
  • Material – Composite

It’s a monster tennis racket with the most features. Weight, power, and balanced control make it the best intermediate tennis racket under 100. The tennis paddle increases your performance on the court for those players who always want to improve their skill set.

A heavy combination of graphite plus titanium has been added to the racket for improving an athlete’s skills. Graphite makes the racket most durable, providing the ultra-level best feelings while holding the racket, and also increases the mobility of the racket on the floor. On the other hand, titanium makes the racket’s weight very light, increasing the sturdiness of the paddle.

This racket’s 115 square inches size is added to balance the weight while holding it for play. It has an open string pattern on the frame with a 16 x 19 cross strings layout making it able to provide extra power.


  • Comfortable grip along with sturdiness
  • Quality tennis racket with lightweight
  • Affordable for the most athletes
  • Best for recreational players
  • Provides extra power for hitting the ball


  • Purchasing this racket will lack the racket bag

Head MicroGEL Radical Mid plus

cheap tennis racket


  • Grip Size – 4 3/8
  • Skill Level – Competitive
  • Material – Carbon Fiber

Purchasing the best tennis rackets under $100, which has a great head size, will be the hardest work to be done. Head MicroGEL Radical midplus has a low price made especially for advanced players for playing A+ performance.

It’s not the best for just starting up tennis; however, it will provide the best feel while hitting the ball with its sweet spot. It will also provide control, speed, and performance precisely.

This racket has a string pattern of 18 x 20 with a small head size, proving itself as the most control-oriented bat for tennis.

Microgel radical midplus has been the favorite of many senior players, which is still used today. This racket comes with many features that an athletic player will always love to play with. It’s an oversized tennis racket that provides the best spin and tad mode power during play with the best performance.

Mid-plus was firstly used by Andy Murray while starting his beginning in tennis. Agassi, in 2006, performed well with an Oversize racket during US Open Finals.


  • Best budget tennis racket with advanced features
  • Much more control-oriented than others
  • Fast and long swing speed
  • Graphite + Microgel for better durability


  • Gives no free power
  • Not for beginners to play with this racket

Wilson Tour Slam

best budget tennis rackets


  • Grip Size – 4 3/8
  • Skill Level – Competitive
  • Material – Carbon Fiber

You can improve your tennis match with the cheapest range of tennis racquets, the Wilson Tour Slam. It comes with the latest design, which enhances the power, and a unique volcanic frame technology that makes it beautiful and controllable. The new shock pads have been given in the racket to provide extra control and grip, which also helps reduce vibration during a shot.

The aluminum material for keeping the paddle lightweight is the best feature; it also comes with medium or large grips. This has been the top racquet in Tennis Magazine’s Spring Gear Guide list published in 1999.

If you want a tennis racquet at a low price, the Wilson Tour Slam will be the best one for you.


  • Oversized large head provides an extra hitting area
  • Pre-strung which will always be ready to be used
  • Shock pads reduce vibration, making them comfortable
  • Generates much more power than others


  • It could be a little heavy for some players

Wilson k zero

best intermediate tennis racket under 100


  • Grip Size – 4 3/8 inches
  • Item weight – 0.54 Pounds
  • Material – Composite

A more convenient tennis racquet for beginners, the K factor’s lightest one, which has a large sweet spot, helps athletes to serve better performance. Wilson K zero is the comfortable and lightweight racket that best fits your hand and provides much power.

Its lightweight feature increases performance and mobility or stability while playing on the court, making the racket spin more easily. This lightweight racket will make it able to give you lesser pain in your arms, while still, power will be the same as of others.

Wilson K Zero with a length of 27.5 inches and 118 inches of head size, making it provide the comfy feels.


  • Arm pain will not occur, which is the surety of lightweight
  • One of the best tennis rackets under $100
  • The larger sweet spot hits the ball with extra power


  • The string might be easy to break
  • Doesn’t provide the shock-absorbing property

Head TI. Conquest tennis rackets

best tennis racquets under 100 dollars


  • Grip Size – 4 3/8
  • Skill Level – Beginner
  • Material – Titanium

As a casual player or as a newbie sportsman, you’ll always prefer a racket that requires less budget to be spent on. Here is the Head Ti. Conquest can provide all the things in a single racket. It can also make you play as an intermediate player soon, just after a few test matches. For acquiring the precise sweet spot, we will be needing 108 square inches of the property, etc.

A comfy feel is the most important one, along with grip sturdiness which a tennis player always requires, for the better absorption of moisture of the racket handle, making your handle the more effective one. The high tact directly affects handling and comfort.

Head Ti. Conquest Tennis Racket during a shot provides an extra light balance that can decrease the vibration of a racket and increase stability.


  • Comes with extra performance and stability
  • Has lightweight
  • Maneuverability
  • The best one for increasing the performance
  • Large sweet spot provides the best hitting area


  • Not recommended for advanced-level players
  • Comes with a low lift span

Babolat Drive Max

best budget tennis racket


  • Size – 1=4-1/8
  • Skill Level – Competitive

Providing the maximum spin and power has been the target of Wilson, Babolat, and Head; the Babolat drive max 110 gets the chance to be the one about which we are talking. It has a great ability to provide the mentioned features.

Babolat drive max has lightweight quality materials, making it swing with more easiness and comfort, where its weight strung is 9.8 ounces and the weight of an unstrung racket is 9.2 ounces.

This racket has 110 square inches of the HEAD for hitting a great shot, which offers a large area providing extra energy. The Cortex Comfort Technology and Syntec Soft material make the racket’s grip for better durability.

This also gives maximum comfort and is the best option for support while holding the racket helping to reduce the vibration during a shot. It has Elliptical Geometry, where the pattern of 16 x 20 of strings makes better spins and prevents the paddle from twisting.


  • Easily swing due to lightweight
  • Easy handling makes fast shots possible
  • Great control with comfy grip size


  • Some players may not like the strings
  • Control is maximum overpower

Wilson energy XL racquet

intermediate tennis racket under 100


  • Grip Size 4_3/8-inch
  • Size – 4 3/8
  • Skill Level – Beginner

As a beginner tennis player, you might need a beginner tennis racket that should come with durability and be extra consistent and tough to any condition. Wilson energy XL racquet can provide all the mentioned features, especially to a beginner-level player who uses it for recreational purposes.

It has a head size of 112 square inches with tightly packed strings, providing a great impact without any stress.

Airlite Allow design has been used in the racket for providing the racket with a very lightweight, making the racket able to provide the best swing without any trouble.

Vibration while hitting a ball is the main problem for every player, but Wilson Energy XL stops shock sleeves providing the max control with min vibration. Where the V-Lock Bridge assists stability while performing on the court.


  • Lightweight makes this perfect for beginners
  • Extraordinary power along with control
  • Provides perfect stability for its price
  • Great quality racket with the large sweet spot


  • You’ll have to replace this racket as you enhance your playing level

YONEX EZONE ACE Deep Blue Tennis Racquet

Best Tennis Rackets Under 100


  • Grip Size – 4 1/8
  • Size – 438
  • Skill Level – Intermediate

Yonex Ezone Ace, highly comfortable and making high shots, is a tennis racket for a beginner player seeking a bat with speed and spinning in the minimum budget range. Its 98 square inches head comes with a string pattern of 16 by 29, making the racket lightweight.

The Ezone Ace 102in² head provides extra power to the racquet than 100in² slandered one. Signature technology adds the isometric shape to the head, providing a larger sweet spot than others. This racket has a special control for swing, great comfort, and stability for its lightweight nature.

It has a very impressive price tag; therefore, it will be the recommended racket for players learning tennis.


  • M40X elastic graphite improves flex and stability for extra power
  • Best budget tennis racket for newbies
  • Great quality racket with the large sweet spot


  • It comes without a racket bag


For performing outclass on the court, you’ll need to have a tennis racket with good grip, quality, and much more things. You must know the selection of the best racket; if you don’t know about it yet, then going through this buying guide will make you able to choose the right one.

Price of the racket

As we mentioned above, this article is about best tennis rackets under $100 it means you’ll have to compromise on the quality. Because with a less budget you’ll get the quality accordingly. Different rackets come with different specs, designs, and features as the cost difference. We have provided the list of best rackets, but still, you shouldn’t completely rely on the price. If you are a beginner, quality is not more important than the price; however, if you are going to play for the long term, you should have to buy one with an affordable price and premium quality.

Racket String pattern

Buying the best racket needs knowledge of their string pattern, which is crucial. Additionally, you’ll always get to see the pattern of the string with two types. One with an open string, and the other is a closed string pattern.

The open string pattern comes with 16 x 18 cross strings which will have reduced intersection, while on the other hand, the closed string pattern will be with 18 x 20 cross strings with more intersection points.

If you are willing to hit the ball with extra spin and more power, the open string patterned racket will be the best option providing better comfy feelings. It could be somehow risky as it has fewer cross strings which might break easily. This kind of racket will be best for players wanting extra power.

Closed string pattern rackets are the 2nd type of tennis rackets with more cross strings than the open ones. This paddle sacrificing spin and power is very durable, which means it has extra resistance and can’t break the strings easily. It provides more control while hitting the ball and could be the best for the one wanting hard hits and play with less spin and power.

Grip size is also to be considered

Playing with a racket that doesn’t fit your grip can lead to many problems such as severe pain in the elbow or shoulder, injury, which can also decrease your performance by affecting control and power.

So the grip size is the most important factor; you should always buy a racket that best suits your hand grip.

You can determine whether the racket is best for you or not just by holding it in your hand and feeling the comfort or not, and the best one will fit better in your hand than the one that doesn’t fit your hand.

If you purchased a tennis paddle with having the wrong grip, it doesn’t fit; your hand can sweat and fatigue. But don’t be worry there are still some ways such as the ruler test and index finger which will help you determine the right size for you.

So always do proper research before purchasing a tennis racket for playing.

Head size is the crucial one

Two things considered the power needed to hit a ball, 1 is the man’s to hit, and the other is the size of a racket. The term head size relates to the frame and strings of the racket, which is the most important thing to be considered while purchasing.

The racket’s head is directly related to the power generated by the player, where the larger the head size, the more power will be needed to hit the ball and vice versa. The wider head size makes a great hitting spot on the racket.

The normal racket head size varies from 85 to 135 square inches, where the rackets have been split into three more types. The Oversize, Mid plus, and Mid-size, have the size of 105 square inches, 95-105, and only 95 square inches, respectively.

The mid-plus size tennis racket provides you with a mixture of power and control for playing with extraordinary performance. The mid-size also has great control recommended for advanced tennis players.

Weight/balance point

Weight is the 5th number to be considered, as the performance of the rackets depends upon it. If you are a newbie and just starting tennis, you should go with the one having low weight as the high weight racket can make you tired and pain will be on your elbow and shoulder. A Racket with low weight will help you hit the ball and spin, while the heavier racket will require powerful muscles for playing, and also it’ll be a little bit more difficult than the one with lightweight.

It would be best if you always went for the one that’s neither too heavy nor too lightweight, which will balance your performance. Also, it’ll provide the perfect grip, where you’ll be getting hands-on your techniques and skill very easily.

Frame stiffness

The best option is always buying a racquet with a flex rate ranging from 50 to 80. A racket with more flexibility will hit the ball, requiring more energy, making you tired. But the one with stiffness hits the ball with low energy, where more power will be added.

Best tennis racket’s length

Playing with the racket with the correct dimensions suiting your grip well will easily win the match. A racket’s length is one factor to be considered as a dimension. 26.5 to 29 inches has been the ideal size of a racket for a player, whereas 27 inches is best for an adult.


Our experts have made the selection of the best tennis rackets very straightforward for you by providing you with the top 9 rackets. Now it’s all up to you to choose the right one, which suits your playing style. There is always one that has more uniqueness than the others: the HEAD TI.S6 STRUNG TENNIS RACKET. It’s our recommended tennis racket under 100; we hope you’ll find the right thing you are searching for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full-size tennis racket?

The 27 inches long racket has been the standard full-size racket, however, 29 inches racket is the necessary one for a world tournament.

What size racquet is suitable for children aged 8-10 years?

The best length for kids ranges between 19 – 25 inches. And the grip size for boys is 4 ⅜” to 4 ½” where for girls is 4 ⅛”, 4 ¼” to 4 ⅜.

Heavy tennis racket a better choice?

A heavy tennis racket allows you to hit the ball with high power. It will be the best for absorbing the shocks while you shoot. On the other hand, a lightweight racquet provides the best speed but not the power.

Can I put a tennis racket in my hand luggage?

If you were lucky, you’ll be able to get only the kid-size rackets only with you, because any airlines company only let you bring the luggage about 22 inches, whereas the size of slandered tennis racket is 27 inches.

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